Riltons Vänner

What is it?
What is it that you’re longing for?
That you’re leaping for?

Ten years have passed since our latest album. Some things have changed, others remain as they were. We can manage. We can’t cope. We get stuck. We are passionate. We are playing. We get scared of each other. We become afraid of our longing. We dare to take our longing seriously.






Orkar, Orkar inte






Här är passion







Datum Ort Plats
25 jul 2024 Prel.
26 jul 2024 Prel.
27 jul 2024 Prel.
6 sep 2024 Prel.
29 sep 2024 Prel.


”Vad är det?” by Peter Hägerås & Peter Sydén, from the latest album ”Orkar, Orkar inte”

”Håll mig hårt” by Peter Sydén, from the latest album ”Orkar, Orkar inte”. Dance: Joanna Skywalker

”Orkar inte” by Peter Hägerås, from the latest album ”Orkar, Orkar inte”

”Allt” by Peter Sydén, recorded together with Vibafemba.

”Ingenting” by Peter Sydén, recorded together with Vibafemba. Read about the background here

Live recording of ”Goliat” by Swedish artist Laleh

2015: Heroes.

2009: Hero.


Riltons Vänner was formed in 1999, when the members went to the same music school. During the years, the group has released six full-length albums and made about 1000 performances in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Russia, China, Japan and USA. They have received several awards, both as a group and for their albums. In 2006, they received the a cappella equivalent to Grammy by the organization CASA.

The music spans across many genres, but Scandinavian pop is perhaps the best overall label. The group also sometimes do covers, always with their own twist, and always a cappella. They have also collaborated with many of Sweden’s finest musicians.


Johanna Löf-Cervin
Daniel Greayer
Mia Greayer
Linnéa Rilton
Sebastian Rilton